Privacy Policy

How do we collect your information?

Your contact with can make you provide us with your personal information. You may contact us in case, you want us to arrange your trips, want to know about our offers, register yourself, have a subscription or ask for other information. Every day people make contact with us via phone, social networking sites or other means but do not forget that your personal information is gathered every time. Even if the contact has been made through our website, where you come to fill up surveys or give feedback, we gather information.

As per our policy, we have to make sure of the rightful customer using our services. For this, any other person can be made to provide us your information if your arrangements are done by him on your behalf. In case you come to know that your information is wrongfully delivered without your knowledge then get back to us right away. We will ensure consensual agreements or deals with you. For this, you need to subscribe to our website for a secure service.

What personal information do we ask?

We ensure the satisfactory and reliable provision of services according to your demand and for this; we have to collect your information. Getting to know your name, address, contact number, email address, passport details, your requirements and other details about booking and arrangements enables us to keep an all-time contact with you and those providing you with the services of traveling like accommodations, food service and all. You and the service providers must remain in a continuous contact with us. Eventually, we will be able to hold anyone accountable who is responsible for your problems or concerns for we are mediating the whole trip.

How we use your personal information?

Your personal information is only to give you the benefit. Every time we gather this information we are likely to use it for giving you an important piece of advice, to guide you, to help you out and to keep up a good rapport between us. In doing so we often keep your information stored, so that if we need to make a contact for some reason we should not get into trouble of finding you again. We also need to keep you updated with our services and offers. Marketing activities must be provided through online contact whether e-mails or calls. We are to provide you with all the current information only with your consent. In case you want to reconnect after a long period of time, you will have to provide us with same information all over again.

Is your personal information disclosed to third parties?

Your information is protected and is not passed on to anyone who does not have a concern. As a normal course of action of our particular procedure, we have to share your data with those providing travel services. We are bound not to provide the information to the third party that does not concern them. It happens only for the purpose of arrangements and deals with those providing travel services. Other than that your information will not be given to anyone.

How do we protect our customers' information?

Whenever you contact or approach us through our website information is very securely transferred to us through secure server software. Your information is also stored very safely in Mail Chimp and Constant Contact servers. For your bookings regarding travels and plans for your journey, your data is stored in internal secure CRM. This is how our system protects your personal information.

Can you change your consent?

Yes for sure, any time you want to do this you can unsubscribe us using the links that we give with every email sent to you. We send you an e-mail when it is required for some advantage to you and not much frequently. You have a full opportunity to remove or add to the provided information when you like to. Any withdrawal from it will be your own choice. Feel free to make a contact to any time.